Sunday’s Shenanigans

So… today is Sunday and I spent the day at work. Normally my week starts on Monday, so now I can’t tell if it feels like a weekend or a weekday, but at the moment my mind is running dry. I’ve been trying to come up with a story or a bit of poetry, but I seem to have frozen up. The writer’s version of stage fright, which is in fact half a lie.

This is kind of rare for me. A lot of the time I can collect a couple of ideas and run off, do a set of haiku or flash fiction, and despite all the drafts I have amassed (blog queue, old phone, not-old phone, notepads all over the place and one million sticky notes) I don’t have much inspiration right now. I’m sleepy, and yet I can’t bring myself to omit the blog in my nightly routine. Somewhere along the way I drilled into the habit of writing every night.

Just now I wandered off to do a piece of creative writing. I wrote six, seven words and stared at the hateful little cursor. It wasn’t speaking to me, so I saved it as yet another draft. There’s 42 in queue, just waiting.

Oh, and the secret thing is drawing nearer.


3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Shenanigans”

  1. Don’t let the dry spell get you down… sometimes inspiration needs some room, some time. Think of every thought, every sentence as a spark. You’re building a fire, and when it’s lit you can share its warmth. 🙂


    1. Thanks! You’re quite right, I’d always used the analogy of building a house instead of a fire. I like your analogy very much.

      (Also, do you have superpowers that involve mind-reading, because I’m totally working on a piece based on fire at the moment)

      Thanks so much for the encouragement 🙂

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      1. Analogies are fun (though, mine don’t always make sense 😁). If I am psychic, I’ve been unawares. It would explain a lot though… 😉 All writers need a little encouragement, once in a while. I’m glad to be one avenue of that encouragement for you. 😊


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