A Day of Miscellanea

Have I updated you guys recently? I feel like I have but also maybe I haven’t.

Well. As you’ve probably noticed Flash Fiction July is over now, by several days. It wasn’t the maddest challenge I’ve ever done, but then when you think about combining regular blogging – my Letters challenge, regular poetry contributions… nope, hang on, it doesn’t quite beat NaNoWriMo + NaBloPoMo.

Okay then.

So I’ve been talking about how Exciting Things are afoot and also now I’ve made a challengey-commitment thing with a friend that we will strive to do more Exciting Things per month. I still haven’t told you what that Exciting Thing is, because every time I try to write it I get performer’s anxiety and I wind up going to Control-A and delete. I should work on that.

I’ll post details soon though because I’m going to need to – let’s think along the lines of record-keeping.

Essentially what it is, is I’m going to be blogging and trying to do more non-blog work. And then November shall come along again. I’ve written out shortlists and longlists and paper lists and phone lists. So far I’ve not abided by one.

(Dammit. You had one job)

Uh… so, okay. Happy Monday?


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