Over Coffee (10)

If we were having coffee I’d be idling over a teapot of green tea. I’ve got a bit of a headache and caffeine won’t help it.

I’d tell you that it’s been a kind of long week, but aren’t they all? I’ve got my gym bag underneath the table – this afternoon’s a workout day, an effort to break up the monotony of a weekend of catching up on doing chores and occasional lounging around.

I’m also hesitating to tell you the secret thing, there’s an exciting thing happening – coming soon to your computer screen but I always get embarrassed thinking about it, so I guess just keep an eye out. It’s been really cold today: I’ve got my winter coat on over a hoodie jumper and still shivering. I think I should’ve brought a scarf.

There’s a really good looking chocolate cake that you’ve got, I’m tempted to get myself some but it seems really rich. Is it the good kind or just a bit crumbly? I hate when cakes go crumbly. I’m finishing up a panini, myself. It’s good fuel for the workout – I picked a yoga-type of class today and then I want to go on to the bookstore, see if they have any new reads in. Normally I don’t browse bookstores, but I won’t reject one if it’s there.

How was your week?


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