Letters to Euturpe: 20

Well, with a prompt like this, who could resist? I’m winding down from the day – spent some time in the gym. I hear it’s good for you. Healthy, even.

It’s been a bit of a strange week – felt like it was a bit long in the beginning, but has steadily been tumbling down towards the finish line. Right now, I’m listening to dreamy-soft songs and resisting temptation to cue up a few episodes of Netflix sitcoms. I’m also mapping out a new story when I’ve got an old one to finish. (And by “old” I mean… ooh, I started it in June? Ancient, I tell you.)

This week, we got a gorgeous story on Cosistories. Go read it. I’ll wait.

Okay.This time around, you get a double-edged prompt but you don’t have to complete both sides of the coin, as it were.

Your song challenge is Shed My Skin by Emily Danger.

Your second edge of the challenge is in honour of the Daily Prompt, who challenges you to write about a muse. Since this challenge originates with the Greek muses, I’m adding the challenge here for you to include a muse-like creature. Maybe it’s your own muse, one of your invention… Surprise me.


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