smile + dramatic

look for the girl,
the crowd is thick but
you’ll know her
when you see her.

she smiles,
gazing up at the ceiling.
in a room full of people
(staring at smartphones and
giant headphones clamped on)
the effect is incongruous.

watch her now –
can’t afford to break your
she’s looking for something;
too bad she doesn’t come with a
study guide.

there’s red lipstick –
call it a warning,
treat it as a siren.
she’s dramatic,
is one such day.

avoid her.
that smile is a honeyed mask,
hiding venom.
(you’d never see it

(when she’s serious,
then you may
approach her)


2 thoughts on “smile + dramatic”

  1. At first it sounded a little more playful but as the poem is continuing the tone is getting more serious.

    I like it a lot 🙂


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