Over Coffee (9)

If we were having coffee, we’d select another of the “mom-and-pop” stores. I’d place my order and at the last moment realize my mistake, switch to decaf. I’m not jittery, but I am chirpy. I keep giggling to myself and drifting off today – no, I’m not on any kind of psychotropic substance. I’ve in fact been drinking a lot of tea lately, heavy on the herbal tea and light on the coffee. I think this is my first coffee of the week.

How was your week? Did anything go epically for you – good or bad?

I worked a weird shift this week – more afternoons than I normally work. I think it’s skewed my perception of time, does that ever happen to you? It’s Saturday, according to my calendar, but I don’t feel like it is Saturday. I keep thinking it’s Sunday. Then again I kept thinking Tuesday was Wednesday.

Oh. I got that thing I was wanting. Not a material thing this time around. I’m trying to be a bit more conscious about material stuff: I don’t think I’ll buy any new clothes for a while. Did I tell you about the secret thing I dearly wanted? I got it. Sorry – more giggling. I’m not up to no good, promise. You can certainly guess at it, but I’m not spilling the beans yet.

Let’s just say… maybe certain people weren’t misplacing certain ideas.

What are you up to tomorrow?


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