Letters to Euturpe: 18

So this week I don’t really have a great new story to share; at least, not without spoiling the Over Coffee series I have running. I’ve been battering my keyboard all week, moreso than usual because it’s still Flash Fiction July and also I wrote a story. First draft hit 2,700 words or so and I need to clean it up. I also need a time machine and a bag of pretzels, but I suspect the latter is easier to acquire.

I have a bunch of news for the Coffee update on Saturday, which I may have trouble writing because I’ve got an overtime shift. (Yay! I love working overtime. Keeps me out of mischief.)

Anyway. Challenges. Last week Joss contributed a mystery retelling of Hotel California. Awesome story with a bit of mystery at the end.

On Cosistories, Hotel California takes on the shape of a person’s own misery. Beautifully forlorn, you feel like you’re there watching with the narrator.

Your new challenge comes from Try by Zach Berkman:

I’ve been saving up for this moment
I spent too long in my own head
Now I’m breaking through.


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