Over Coffee (7)

If we were having coffee, I’d be ordering something strong. Espresso, or maybe Americano. I’ve had a long week – I worked six consecutive days and it’s catching up with me a little bit.

On second thought, I’ll have the espresso. I tried Americano once and it wasn’t great, I really didn’t like it. I was in-between classes at uni once, popped over to the local cafe for a hot drink and decided to try something new. Have you ever had it? What is your favourite coffee, by the way?

I’m also ordering a light breakfast because I have a particular liking for pain au chocolat, and telling you about the projects that I’ve managed to slow planning on. I have probably a thousand ideas all tucked away in notepads and Memo Pads and Notes on my phone/computer. You’re delighted, because I’ve seen enough of your reactions in the past few months to know you and how you will react to this sort of thing.

In between bits of chocolate, I’m scratching ideas out onto various multi-coloured cue cards, looping them all onto one of those metal hinge-rings. The ring is nearly full, you notice.

I think I’ll just shut up now. I get embarrassed easily.

Tell me about you, please.


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