Letters to Euturpe: 17

Today really feels like Friday, because I’ve worked Sunday – Thursday and I work tomorrow. I’ve also been a blogging bee and kept up to date with my Flash Fiction July. I’m dearly ready for a weekend. My knitting hasn’t fallen by the wayside, it’s just been put aside.

I’ve plotted so much writing the last few days that I have roughly a dozen slips of paper now in my phone case. As a completely incidental point, I now have difficulty closing my phone case. I’m also keeping my old phone charged because there’s maybe 200 ideas on that and also a few dozen on my new phone. Every time I go to write I now stop and worry that I’m going to plagiarize myself.

Anyway. My brain is frenetic and it’s not time for green tea yet. It’s not a bad-tasting brew but I’m convinced there is an element of licorice to it. Or aniseed, maybe, is that the stuff that goes into licorice?

Last week we had a contribution on Cosistories about finding a voice. Go check it out. Stay a while.

Your new challenge comes directly from my state of mind. When I get restless or bored, sweet drifty music doesn’t do it. I need loud, I need drums, I need rock. I’m also giving you the full song this week.

Your new challenge is Hotel California by The Eagles. Bonus points if you use the Hell Freezes Over edition.


6 thoughts on “Letters to Euturpe: 17”

  1. Hey-what is the Hell Freezes Over edition like? Is it just an acoustic version- this is the closest I can find online, and I’m pretty sure those guys aren’t the original Eagles. :p (They’re good, though!)


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