Over Coffee (5)

If we were having coffee, we’d be at home today. I’ve invited you over today, so in advance please forgive the bizarre mix I have going on iTunes. You might hear the same song three times in a row – I’m learning it, because it’s French – and then heavy metal, before jumping to some classics that’re older than I am.

I’ve got five books strewn across the table and a folder crammed with stories and poems past. They haven’t gone anywhere yet, but I’m planning.

Hang on. I’ll put the heater on. My weather app tells me it’s 13 degrees, but it’s a very chill 13. I did hang laundry on the line, but it was so nippy I put it through the dryer. I’ve been chilled all day, though trying to keep warm through staying busy. So far I’ve done laundry and there’s a tray of lasagne in the oven just waiting to be switched on.

I hope the sachet-cappuccino is OK this time. I don’t have a proper coffee machine – I’ve got a student loan that I’m aiming to pay off entirely before I buy fun things. So far the paying-it-down scheme is going well.

How was your week?

Mine was interesting. I had a surprise training session where I was learning how to handle three projects – work’s always super-busy like that, multiple projects going all at once, and I think I’m supposed to be training for something else tomorrow. It’s going to be good.

I still have cookies, if you like. Chocolate-chip, my favourite to make. I don’t think my last batch, peanut-butter-chocolate-chip, turned out quite right.

I see you’ve noticed my prompt list. That’s for Flash Fiction July which I’ve started. Stories, 1,000 words or less each day in July. You can Google it if you’re interested.


4 thoughts on “Over Coffee (5)”

  1. You said to meet for coffee at your place, to which I happily obliged. It’s a bit chilly when I walk in, but the air has that home scent to it: something like fresh linen and autumn leaves. I take a seat at the table, looking over the book titles and wondering what made you decide to read those particularly. You apologize for the music that’s playing as you set a coffee cup in front of me. I forgive your erratic tastes in music because my own playlist is just as scattered. I’m starting to like this French song. You make room for yourself at the opposite end of the table, pushing aside an overstuffed folder. It doesn’t take long for you to turn on the heater. I appreciate the warmth, and the steaming cappuccino gives the kick I’ve been needing. My week has been uneventful, but I’m impressed by your ability to multitask, something I can rarely accomplish. You offer cookies, which I eagerly accept. My mother used to make chocolate chip cookies with me. I have a lot of warm memories when it comes to sneaking chocolate chips and biting into the crisp, finished product. I always thought my mom’s cookies were the best. Yours are pretty delicious. Munching happily on cookie chunks, I point to the prompt list. “That’s a marvelous idea,” says I (after swallowing. I do have some manners). “I would do something similar, if I had the resolve.” My own inability notwithstanding, I’m excited to see what you’ll come up with. We part on that note. I say goodbye and suck off any melted chocolate from my fingertips. Cookies and coffee. What a brilliant combination.


    1. Mm. Fresh linen is one of my favourite scents; how did you know?

      My reading is as scattered as my music. I like a lot of variety and pick up things as I go. What’s on your playlist this week – anything you’d recommend? I do need to do something about that folder, I’m sure I can scan a few things to my computer.

      I’m glad you had an uneventful week – at least, I hope that’s good? My mum taught me to bake, she still does. Thank you for the comment on the cookies – they’re pretty good, though I say it myself 🙂 and the prompt list. I’m steadily making my way through my 1,000 words per day, let’s hope the resolve holds out for the next 26 days.

      Indeed, it’s a lovely combination. I’m hard-pressed to think of much else that goes well with a hot coffee. (What are your thoughts on iced coffee?)


  2. who needs a coffee machine when you can get coffee in a sachet, simply add water lol
    Interesting flash prompt I just might dabble in it


    1. It’s certainly cheaper! My favourite is a rather nice vanilla latte; I rarely have a store-bought coffee nowadays.

      I highly recommend it, it’s a fun way to communicate with your reader rather than just chucking posts around (as I am wont to do)

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