Letters to Euturpe: 15

One part admin, one part challenge.

Tonight’s the 30th; tomorrow I’m kicking off the Flash Fiction July challenge. It’ll be a random mix of pictorial prompts and plain-word, and just on social media – otherwise you can keep up with the day’s topic as I post each story.

I’ve spent part of today training for Other Projects at work which I find really promising bearing in mind I’m only on a temp contract right now.

To the challenges. So last week we had one short story from Cosistories.

New challenge. (I think I’ve done something to screw up my memory, because I began planning this on Sunday evening, did not write it down and still remember it verbatim.) This time, you get a double-dose: the song is in French. My backstory with it, I used to get two lines in and then get frustrated that I didn’t understand a damned word. So I’d be skipping over it, but then I decided to practice listening. I’m sort-of-maybe learning French a little bit, you see. Also, this song, once I studied the translation, enchanted me.

Your new challenge comes from Sacred Heart, by the Civil Wars.

Tu prends peut-кtre du retard
Tu as peut-кtre ratй ton train
Tu ne peux peut-кtre pas me pardonner

(You may take the delay
You may have missed your train
You can not possibly forgive me)


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