Letters to Euturpe: 14

So this week I’ve been up to new shenanigans. I like shenanigans. This week I got back on the horse that threw me, so to speak, and did some secret things. I’ll update that a bit more in my Over Coffee update, tonight is about Euturpe.

(Oh, but first, I’ve finished up plans for Flash Fiction July. If you’re interested, pop on over and have a look)

The backstory with this song challenge comes from my own writing habits, which is probably by no means unique. I have the tendency to create characters based off people I know in real life. Maybe you’ve read one of my flash fics or poems, and if you’ve ever wondered if it was “addressed” to someone – yes. It is.

If I’m not addressing a piece of work to someone or writing the story in the third-person, then I’m basing a character off a real-lifer. It may be as simple as taking a single character trait; it may be as complex as creating an entire character and trying to make her both recognizable and unrecognizable.

From the last challenge: Grace brings us a new poem, poignant and brave.

Your new challenge is another lyric from Blank Space, by Taylor Swift:

I’ve got a blank space baby/
And I’ll write your name.


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