burning out 1.2 (150)

can’t achieve my goals, you say? 

watch me.

for three nights i’m awake on one long all-nighter, sleeping one of every eleven hours, cramming in plans. it isn’t my birthdate yet, no extra year between goals and reality. i’m busy, scrabbling at everything i can think of while you run off and blindly follow goalposts.

and so it begins. i take on two jobs, in a sense, and it’s equivalent to one overpowered fulltime position. there’s no time to sleep or relax: free time goes on the second job, the one in which i have no employer or paycheck (yet).

here’s the trajectory: even terra firma for eleven months, then climbing higher. higher, faster and paradoxically, slower.

this much elevation, this fast, is dizzying. (too much more elevation, i’ll crash – i can’t keep going) but i don’t dare look down, i’ve achieved every goal. all that’s left is keep going.

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