Over Coffee (3)

If we were having coffee I’d be half-talking with you about the flash fiction I wrote the other night, and the editing process I’m putting it through. I’m not going to clarify why I’m editing but you’re clever, you read between the lines and don’t say anything to make a guess.

I wouldn’t confirm it either way.

Today my phone stays in my bag because I’m waiting on news still and I’m anxious of it. It means more time to dedicate to the careful demolition of banana-walnut cake, though the cake could do with more spice. Personally, I’d go for nutmeg.

I’m also adjusting to my newly 20/20 vision. Still. You can no doubt see this in the way I move to adjust the glasses I’m no longer wearing, and the way I read out the most random signs to you. Please do forgive it if I suddenly begin telling you in depth what sandwich fillings are on offer; I’m still very excited to see things clearly. (No, that’s not a Literary Device of any kind)

Have you read anything good lately? I haven’t really, but that’s because I’m so wound up in writing. Creating fictional worlds, and please stop joking about coming to my book signings. It’s a lot to live up to and I don’t want to risk being your disappointment. What if writing becomes a chore?

I’m going to be quieter about it from now on.

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