Letters to Euturpe: 13

I just spent an hour writing a flash fiction and trying to remember the cool wordplay I thought of today. This afternoon, I was happily at lunch and had an idea of two words, kind of a pun, but kind of not. One as opposed to the other.

I do not remember those words. It’s very tedious, but on the other hand I’ve now got another story tucked away on my desktop for edits. At the moment, it’s not in its satisfying stage, but it will get there.

(Another thing that has occurred to me, is that I need to go through past challenges and fix up the links. I shall do that tomorrow night. My night-time is running out)

Last week, we got another wonderful story on Cosistories.

This week your lyric challenge comes from The Sad Cafe, by The Eagles.

Out in the shiny night, the rain
was softly falling
The tracks that ran down the boulevard had
all been washed away


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