Flash Fiction July: Update

I was going to write a piece of creative somethings today, but I’ve so many ideas fluttering and one new story idea hanging out in my mind that I decided to give myself a break. Instead, I figured, I could update you on my Flash Fiction July shenanigans.

We’re halfway through June now, so it seems suitable to be working on it some more. I decided earlier tonight that I’d made my final changes to the prompt schedule and how it’ll all work out. I now had 32 prompts waiting in carefully-numbered order, collaborated over the last two weeks. It’s probably all very last minute, bearing in mind July lifts off in 16 days, but as past experience has proven, I’m one who does this sort of thing by the seat of my pants.

One query: I considered adding a bonus 32nd prompt, bearing in mind time differences. In some places, July 31 would be August 1 (New Zealand time). What do you think of this – good or superfluous?

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