Over Coffee (2)

If we were having coffee, you’d be ordering something off-menu, some fancier drink that people don’t normally order, rushed as they are in today’s world. I’d be distracted, scribbling ideas into a little flip-notepad and thumbing through my Twitter feed. I’m a part-time conversationalist, you see. You probably wouldn’t mind because your chatter would be interspersed with your blog checking and email-sending.

I’d tell you how my vision is 20/20 now, and you would come to see the improvement in the way I look around, read tiny print. Did you know, the other day I was on the wrong side of the road to be looking at shop details and could still read the opening hours?

You’d tell me about work, maybe something about your creative process and joke about not quitting your day job. I’d laugh along because I’m exactly the same and sip herbal tea that I ordered because I’ve been trying to do things more healthy and coffee in the afternoon doesn’t aid the sleep process.

You’d suggest a different cafe for next week, because you and I both need the interest of different places and times, and I’d name somewhere that would involve going out of my way.

My phone would buzz as we get ready to go, an email alert I’ve been waiting on. You don’t see the screen, because I’m careful about not letting others see, but it’s news I’ve been waiting on.

11 thoughts on “Over Coffee (2)”

  1. Hey, I’m reworking this conversation. I wonder if you’d notice that I did have my phone and was eating your cake while you were checking your twitter feed.
    As far as day jobs go, this is it. Whatever this is…writing, parenting, occasionally cleaning up and sorting out the house. I had chemo two years ago and haven’t really worked since but have done a fair amount of volunteer work doing publicity for my kids’ previous school.
    I’m off to make myself another decaf tea so I’ll head off.
    xx Rowena


    1. Ah that’s OK. I thought the cake was a bit too sweet for my liking anyway. (While we’re on the topic, what’s your favourite kind?) Fair enough though – Twitter’s my Kryptonite.

      Oh, I hope all’s OK with you!

      (and for your other comment on rarely using your phone – good on you! I’m terrible with it)

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      1. Ha! I was thinking of you when I went out for lunch with my daughter today and couldn’t put her phone down…playing games. I’m becoming old and obsolete.
        I made Nigella’s Nutella Cake and my kids found it bitter. They don’t like dark chocolate. You might like it. I posted a funny account of my difficulties trying to make the cake and will be posting the recipe shortly.
        Hope you’ve had a great weekend. Thanks To Queen Elizabeth we had a 3 day weekend to celebrate her birthday. So, it feels like Sunday night here, even though it’s Monday. Hope my week goes back in kilter tomorrow.
        xx Rowena


      2. Oh I’m sure that’s not true! It’s something I see a lot of though; at work in the lunchroom, you get people dipping between food and phone – sometimes in-between a conversation. It’s a bit sad.

        Ooh, dark chocolate? Yum. I’ll have to check it out; did it turn out well?

        We also had a three-day weekend… last week? I forget, but I felt off-kilter all week thinking it was a different day! All went back to normal this week though which is good.

        x Sarah.

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      3. Thanks, Sarah. I am definitely out of kilter. Wednesday tomorrow already!
        I am enjoying the Nutella Cake. It’s definitely improved with age. xx Rowena


  2. Your first paragraph is good but don’t rush through it! It’s like if each sentence become its own topic sentence (either written or as simply a theme for you to keep in mind) and you had to force yourself to think, to really think through how you could best express the thought then that’d be fire. Next level. Excellent shit!


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