A Convenience Story

I’ve been trying to decide on today’s post: the traditional Sunday haiku hat-trick, or a photo prompt. Since the photo prompt is now slightly out-of-date, and the haiku set is my usual lark, I decided on both. Last week’s photo prompt was numbers, a topic that makes me sad. My maths is very bad.

When younger I used to joke that my German skills were better than my maths. It’s still true.




Ah, the phone screen. I’d say I don’t remember the last time I manually dialled a number, but that wouldn’t be quite accurate. Regardless, the numbers are laid out much nicer than they were on my last phone, which was a weakling. They look nice, don’t they? All neat and tidy. Laid out with their little corresponding letters… I remember having to memorize a phone number, but I also remember how the first thing I learned when setting up the phone was how to create a contact.

I also remember speed-dial and simply tapping the little phone icon/button to make a call. I probably haven’t remembered a new (truly useful) phone number in years.

Shenanigans are afoot…

I’m very fond of calculators, as long as they don’t look like this. I remember my last year of school maths, in which we had a new-fangled thing that had a million buttons and functions. I did not understand or use half of them. The calculator was the size of a small, thin brick – in fact it dwarfs the smartphones. Also, I’m perplexed as to the use of having the numbers arranged the opposite way to the phone. Deliberate shenanigans, or no?

Nonetheless, calculators like this make my life simpler. If at work I have to do maths (rare but may happen) I can just open the little app. My brain has always been hard-wired to words, and sentences. Conjugating verbs is easier for me than crunching numbers.

(Also, numbers don’t have a good taste)


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