Letters to Euturpe: 12

It’s been a short week and my brain is all over the place with what day it is. I keep thinking it’s Friday. Today, I spent time doing training for a work-thing that’s happening, and it was cool. Without going into all the interesting details, this is a long-in-the-making thing and I had kind of built up in my head this big image of some scary PROJECT that is in your face.

Then I got on and trained for a bit, and it’s not so bad. Story. Morals.

Last week’s challenge brought us a memory piece on Cosistories.

Tonight I’m delving into both music and literature for your prompt. I’m also deviating slightly: you get a piece of music, not a lyric. And for brownie points, it’s running back to the Greek-myth aspect, though the memory I have is Roman.

Essentially, the Roman telling I have in mine (it’s the one I call up more easily) is the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, who became separated via the Underworld upon the latter’s death. Orpheus, wretched with grief, made a bargain with the spirits that he may go and retrieve her, but on the condition that he never look back when she followed him to the living world.

Of course, the poor fool is so ecstatic at this reunion that he looks back. Et voila, his beloved is gone eternally.

Your music piece for the week is called Gluck: Orfeo Ed Euridice – Dance of the Blessed Spirits.


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