Day 156

I’m not sick. I refuse to get sick, though I don’t know how well my immune system listens to me. I’ve just been a bit sneezy today. I suspect winter is the culprit; we’ve been having a cold snap. Anyway, this is why you get another day-in-the-life of, not fiction or poetry.

This evening I broke through the wall of writer’s trickery, which is the name I just invented for something that isn’t writer’s block. My reasoning is this: writer’s block is when you sit and stare at your screen for one million years and type three words, then delete two.

Writer’s trickery, like I experienced this evening, is when you know exactly what you want to write and how – you just don’t know the basic details like which tense and perspective you’re going to use. I started the story and then with some dismay deleted the 100 words I had, deciding grimly that it wasn’t working. Felt too clunky some how, even though I love  to play with tenses and perspectives.

I got restarted and then it occurred to me which tense I really wanted, so I went through and hastily changed all my prefixes, suffixes and other word endings. Then I wrote 1,100 words and got sleepy, and also I didn’t quite know how to transition from the flashback to the present bit. I’m going to sleep on it. This short story has been rattling in my brain all week, I’m going to see it through.

Oh, and I’ve plotted shenanigans for about 80 different things. You guys will see. There may be a relevant page coming.

So, that was my Saturday. How’s things for you?


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