poetry 101 rehab: scream + circus

label me:
cool. smart. fun. interesting.
this is both the best
and worst
thing you can do.

(you never stopped
to see if i could
live up to it)

i’m kicking at the window,
swirly-patterned glass
our shared view.
see me –
do you see me?
(do you only see what
you would like to see
in me?)

okay. i’ll create
a circus.
write a catalogue
of performances
just for you.
watch me.
(it’s not like i can
tell you anything
from the stage)

the audience
leaves. the curtain falls,
my coperformers go. gone, they
unravel the performance,
swapping costume for
street clothes;
makeup for (dis)honesty.

i remain alone:
my voice is silent. i could
but no-one would hear.
if i say something,
and no-one hears it,
did it really happen?

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