Flash Fiction July

So tonight I figured I’d get a minor head-start on the scheme I’ve been planning all week. I mentioned it the other night, but tonight’s a good night to discuss it in further detail.

You may have noticed that I’m a little bit in love with flash fiction. Normally, I keep it to under 400 words, but in more private scribblings I tend to run to about 1,500 words – I recall capping one at I think 1,700. Anyway.

The long and short of it is that I decided to spend my July doing 31,000 of flash fiction stories: 1,000 word stories daily. I spent the week coming up with prompts and topics, which will be distributed on Facebook and Twitter each day – widgets in the sidebar, should you wish to join and follow along. There’ll also be a homepage on here, because something like this deserves an archive.

Then I decided I could go it alone, a Lone Ranger of flash fiction or I could invite others along. It’s obvious which way I opted to go this time around.

So, who’s interested?

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