Letters to Euturpe: 10

This morning I planned a cool story for you guys.

This morning I was dozing lightly on the bus – it’s an hour long journey to work, and I get sleepy at that hour of the morning. I did not write down the cool story, and so I am telling you about a fun scheme I have connived.

The fun scheme came about when I was browsing Twitter on a long journey home. (Peak traffic, ugh) Anyway. I was looking at NaNoWriMo, and then I looked at NaPoWriMo. Then I remembered NaBloPoMo. I felt that flash fiction was getting the short end of the stick. There’s no magical Flash Fiction Month. At least, not some Official-type of thing. A Google-search led me to a few things, on some other blog-platform, but I didn’t like it. It made me disappointed.

So. I have decided to remedy this. I have spent the last week conjuring up 31 prompts for the month of July. In a few days I plan to create a special Page on here just for this. There, I’ll list my every prompt. I’ll tweet them, Facebook them. I’ll also haunt the blog – this blog will be One Month of Flash Fiction.

And I hope you’ll join me.

Now, to the challenge:

This week a new contributor, Cosistories, brought us a short story with a twist.

Grace returns with another poem, a contemplation and a what-if.

This week your lyric comes from The Music of the Night, by Michael Crawford:

Night time sharpens
heightens each sensation.

Darkness stirs and wakes


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