Letters to Euturpe: 9

It’s been a long week. I’m six days post-major life-changing event, sixteen hours post-realization (minor) and have added about three new ideas to my Eternal List of Ideas.

Really, at this stage you’d think I would start an computerized list, not a paper one. Fanfic. Poetry. Novels. Flash fic. Flash ficoetry. (Last night, I was chatting with someone, and opined that a flash fic I wrote seemed like a cross between a piece of prose and a piece of poetry. Proestry. Oh crap, now I’m making up words)

Oh and I’m making up a town. No big deal.

Anyway. It’s sneaking on into winter now; we get the chill winds to prove it. Thunderstorms would be nice. So every morning, I get up at 6am. It’s cold, and bright lights hurt my eyes. It’s sad. I picked this week’s prompt especially in honour of this, especially as the weather is supposed to go to mush.

This week your lyric is from Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp:

It was an early morning yesterday/ I was up before the dawn.


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