Day 136

I think it’s Day 136 anyway. All I know is I have a headache encroaching and I’m technically still in recovery mode. Strictly speaking I probably shouldn’t be on here at all right now, I should be curled up in bed.

I have the self-taught habit however of daily blog posts. It’s a whole thing I do now, having drilled the habit into myself over the last 14 or so months.

So… basically I got to stop wearing glasses because of magic and so I don’t have any need for them now. That’s why I’m in recovery-mode, you see. My eyes have adjusted well so far, but my mind has not caught up. I never realized how much I used to slide my glasses up my nose, or have to be really careful about scratching my face or how I’d have to work around glasses to not get them all smudgy. I hated that.

I used to find glasses so limiting; peering through them, having the frames in my line of vision. It’s all gone now, because I saw a wizard. It’s really awesome, but also weird.

Oh, and I got a haircut.


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