Letters to Euturpe: 8

I forgot that it was Thursday until I sent a text saying I thought it was Friday. I get that a lot, day-confusion. Sundays become Wednesdays, Thursdays are Fridays… you get the point.

Maybe it’s because I had a half-day at work. My mind made the leap from work = weekend. Or something, I don’t have great powers of analysis and also I have to do Sensible Things. Like queueing up tomorrow’s post to auto-publish because doing anything involving open eyes will be streng verboten.

So! The contributions.

Grace brought us a new poem, gorgeously suited to the lyric I posted last week.

Also, the first prose contribution comes from Joe (hey, welcome aboard!), who took the prompt in a slightly different way to what I expected.

This week your lyric is from Free of Me by Amy Stroup.

You stole my mercy.


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