poetry 101 rehab: deliberation

here, mademoiselle, a row of masks –
all designed
to your specifications.
(one to hide calm;
three to hide chaos
four to demonstrate

wait – monsieur –
where is the chaos i requested?
-my last briefing, at its most detailed
had a description
of madness.

ah, you do not see it –
i shall leave you to it.
you may peruse at your
leisure – those unbought will
go, be destroyed.

(where is chaos?)

i am not authorized
to tell you. it is the one
you must figure out
on your own.
(he leaves, and i collect
the masks to which
i am most attracted)

two, i smash.
write out a cheque,
leave it under the leather-bound

(at home i lay out my new

his words – or lack thereof –
circle my mind.
this, i come to understand
when it’s raining at 3am.

they are unable to depict
my chaos for me.

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