roaming (150)

people rush through streets, all walking at the same clip, the same frenetic pace. these are the ones who hurry by foot to their destination, so hurried they don’t trust traffic. others stumble blearily through the day, clumsy from cell-phone use and other people have headphones on, blocking out as much of the world as they can.

none of these people know each other. if you look closely there might be the occasional glitter of recognition, gone in a camera-flash. (they’re too busy making use of the wi-fi that thrums through every street, sparkles in the air over every building)

cafes are crammed 24/7, long lines of people waiting around for their next jolt of caffeine. everything is taken to go, no time to sit and stop.

there are ghosts here, the kind who slip through crowds and belong to none of these categories. they find life is sweeter for it.

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