Letters to Euturpe: 7

So it’s been another week of nocturnal-ness. My mind has flipped around all over the place, to the extent where I felt like Sunday was in fact Wednesday, and also I dreamed about running up a mountain.

Don’t ask me why. I ran a little analysis on it and can’t see the point in it. 10 points to my grey cells.

It’s also another week where I’m going to bed late and getting up early. On the bright side of things it means I will be spending tomorrow in training for A Project – basically, my workplace is built on Projects. As a temp I expected my contract to end with the Project that just finished, but I guess they love me? Fair enough too.

Okay. I just spent about twenty minutes fluttering around trying to pick a song. My colleague today said something about how weekends were quiet times, during which you could gather your thoughts. Peaceful, or something. I heartily disagree, but I also digress.

Tonight your lyric is from The One That Got Away, The Civil Wars

I wish you were the one that got away. 


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