NaPoWriMo 24 (borrowed/disappointment)

borrowed confidence:
this is what you can
this is what you were
meant to do.

(this loan has
no expiry date.)

take the loan and
with it.
as far and fast as
you can.

(don’t stop to risk
a double-think;
don’t pause long enough
to disappoint
your creditor)

blind faith is
laid out before you,
an offering to all that
you can be.
(all that you
will be)

take the promises untold
pack them into pockets –
folded flat to
chase them up every hill,
stagger down every

take the current
when there’s something
it can offer;
make the gifts
your own.

(pack away disappointment,
postage-stamp sized;
there’s no room for it now.)

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