Letters to Euturpe: 5

It’s been another semi-hazy week. Thursdays feel like Fridays. I’ve totally ditched my blog schedule – at this point I barely remember what it looks like. NaPoWriMo came a-knockin’ though, and I couldn’t resist having an excuse to write 30+ poems in the month.

Just tried to see if it has been that many. I counted 18 before I got bored and remembered I need to go to sleep early, like a Responsible Adult-Shape. It’s also a double-post day, owing to this and the aforementioned poem.

Last week saw the first Letters contribution made: a short poem from Grace. Brief and to the point, and just wonderful for it.Wistful, is what I thought when I read it.

While I’m thinking on it, I just love brevity in poetry. It makes the reader think a little harder. Anyone else find that? (Me, I’m verbose. I can’t use 15 words when 110 will do. Not in poetry, anyway… hey, shenanigans are afoot. I’ll have to consider this.)

Okay. Your new prompt is:

Louder than sirens,
louder than bells. (Drumming Song, by Florence + the Machine)


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