Letters to Euturpe: 2

Today, I decided on a song which is a bit heavy on the siren reference, in which case it’s kind of perfect for the whole mythology theme I plan to have running throughout these posts. Note to all, these prompts will now have an element of myth to them.

Hope you like it.

Anyway, the song of the week is the aptly-entitled Siren Song by Bat For Lashes: your lyric is:

And I love you the best way I know how.


7 thoughts on “Letters to Euturpe: 2”

      1. Sad Eyes, Horse and I, Whats a girl to do.
        My son introduced me. He is much younger than me as I imagine you are too but I always love the music he likes. Both my sons for that matter.


      2. I am not sure. No I don’t think they are new. I like lots of music. All sorts. My 27 year old son is in a band called Wet. They just released an album with Columbia records. I like them. I like some new music. I am older than you. I like Cicadia Rhythm. I like Dawes. Sam outlaw. the Milk Carton kids. They are new. I love Neil young. cSNY and that type of music. Hmm oh and My Bubba. What about you


      3. I’ve not heard any of those bands – I have very eclectic tastes, pretentious though it sounds. I like classical – Beethoven, Mozart. Rock – The Eagles. The Beatles. Pop – Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum.
        (This is just a short list; I like too many others to list here)


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