Letters to Euturpe: 1

So apparently this blog event was secretly approved. I wandered on over to the listings page looking for inspiration and hey, here was this.

Welcome to Letters to Euturpe, an event I concocted one night when disillusioned and dismayed with my previous blog event. Now that it’s been approved, I’m going to pretend today is Thursday and give you the first lyric.

I just stealth-linked the page for the full detail, but if like me you futilely try to cut down on tabbed browsing, here’s the rundown:

  • Fiction only, please. Flash fiction between 6 – 1000 words. Poetry. Haiku. Whatever suits you.
  • I will give you a song lyric and your task is to take it as inspiration. Listen to the song on the bus, or when you’re cooking dinner, or just going about your daily life.
  • I operate on New Zealand time (Wellington time zone) and will post new updates each Thursday NZ time.
  • You’ll just need to drop each link on the homepage for this event.

(Never fear that this will disappear into the oblivion of archives. I’ll also copy these rules into the homepage)

*consults clipboard*

This week’s song lyric is from something I’ve had on repeat quite a bit, which is unusual for me being that I heard it on YouTube once, bought it and went straight into On Repeat. The song is Lone Ranger by Rachel Platten, and the lyric:

Much less brave than I admit
Much more scared than they all think.

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