and here we have progress

1.) 2011he’s encouraging me to do something more, go out of my comfort zone and put my work out there for the world to read. right now it’s a handful of repetitious poems and a couple of semi-short stories. this site looks easy to use; it’s tricky at first, but it looks like fun and it’s enjoyable stepping out of routine.
oh look – attention. people seem to like this after all, may as well keep things going. build momentum, get a bit more attention. there’s no goal right now, but does that matter? it’s not like a life contract.

2.) 2011: it’s october and there’s an intriguing mention on twitter, or at the library: nanowrimo. is it even possible to do that? could do it?
“i did it a year ago,” he says, and there rears up an old, long-buried competitive streak. what a good idea: we can make this a competition. fancy a competition with someone who’s never heard of this until now? yes? marvellous. let’s go away and report back in a week.

wow, this is easy – crazy but not weird. no need to let others know just yet.

3.) 2014. mid-year. i’m graduating. how weird is that? this blog has stuck with me through the rest of my degree. i’ve managed to keep it semi-alive. i’ve almost managed to develop a blogging habit too. develop a readership.
october: i’m graduated. out of school maybe for good. what else is there but to write more? maybe i’ll get really good at this and find some magic niche job which will let me write.
december: argh, job-hunting. at least i got another novel from this year, and it sounds like me.

4.) 2015. july. i have a job!! oh hell, i’m so nervous. i’m fed up with trying to resurrect last year’s novel. maybe plan out something new. try a new genre.
september: what is kobo anyway? books, right? maybe i’ll have a look at it. holy shit free ebooks. i’ll just have these 500. self-publishing. you can self-publish anything?! and you don’t have to be an already-established author?
december: colleagues asking after how the writing’s going, i think i’m getting a bit of a reputation in this office.

5.) 2016. january. well, it surely couldn’t hurt to try different things, broaden horizons and all. ooooh, flash fiction and flash poetry and tiny stories. this is some top magic right here. i love all these ideas. these ideas are my beloveds.
march. i mean, two collaborative writing projects, two separate novels, a random project, an etsy store and a full-time job might be a bit much…
“you’re intelligent,” he says. “don’t hide it.”

6.) ah, what the hell. i’m me. i’m here. my blog is here.
i’ve figured out who i am.


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