out of place

it didn’t take long to realize something wasn’t quite right.

the feeling settled in quickly, a strange sort of anxiety and forgotten memory tugging at the back of my mind, a subtle stress creeping up.

in the air, perfume lingered, unusual as i never wore it, and i had the sense that someone had been by recently. here, in my room – i crossed the floor in two strides, tottering on spindly high heels and readying myself mentally for some unknown enemy to pounce –

none did.

the perfume grew stronger as i moved through the apartment, swirling in dizzying invisible clouds. i could almost see the haze over my eyes, hear some voice singing in the background. i never left music playing unless i was present; there was no reason for it.

as if hypnotized, i danced through the rooms, graceful from an unknown source.

the door opened, and she smiled.

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