the forest cottage (400)

the windows dominate the room.

it’s no accident; i had the room designed this way exactly for that purpose. it’s kind of a small room, not unlike the fabled attic at the top of the tower, but it suits me exactly. four years ago, when i collected a few bags of notebooks and canvases, crammed paints and brushes into a second room, i went seeking inspiration.

i found it in the tiny cottage half-buried in the forest, half-wild from neglect. the scenery, when i could get to it, was stunning. being a city girl, i was unused to the expanses of greenery, the white fields that were created when it snowed in winter. i couldn’t stay long in the cottage, always worried at any given moment that the building would collapse around me, but when i moved on from there i went and built my own little cottage. two storeys, hidden at the edge of a forest, it looks a bit like something from a storybook.

i like to think of it as the home that time forgot, and it does look like it’s been forgotten. even in the two years since building finished, it’s begun to grow wild trees and forest half-around it, trapping all the windows in.

after that i gave up trying to control the growth of the forest and simply built on a second storey, one which had a glass room. i call it glass, but it was in fact two tall windows dividing the walls and covered with heavy gauzy curtains. last time i checked, the trees and scrub didn’t block my view, which made it perfect for meditation and even more ideal for looking out at the view. every day i managed to find some new angle to look from, managed to cover the walls of the house with paintings and crammed full notebooks onto the shelves. ever since, i made an annual journey: it was worth it just to watch the scenery shift around me.

only now the trouble is, i’m immune. the scenery falls flat, the windows no longer inspiring some fresh view that needs to be captured in time. once, i tried moving to a new location, tried to get some different perspectives. it didn’t work though; it never does now. in the end i burnt the forest, sold the cottage and relocated. built a new cottage –

rinse and repeat.


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