Through the Lens of a Faux Landlord

Either an explanation or a red herring.

She’s installed a new roommate hoping to cut down living costs. To the best of my legal knowledge, there was nothing in the lease contract prohibiting this, and it’s always good to have the company. 

It’s been an adventure too, of a sort: living with someone who has no regard for book-knowledge has caused countless debates that never quite manage to go anywhere. Instead, they loop in circles for a while before burning out, uninspired and unimaginative. Emma is just the opposite to her, which makes it easy to steer clear when she’s off on a tangent about one thing or another – it turns out this is more frequent than I had first expected. I personally don’t consider it a suitable pair; their personalities are too different, and they clash too often.

Still, I offered Emma a free room and the occasional bonus if she was quiet about the fact that she didn’t contribute the same amount of rent – or any, really.

They fight a lot more than I’m pleased with, but even so I’m aware that Emma keeps her on her toes. Keeps her out of her comfort zone, maybe just a bit more able to deal with life’s troubles. She’s too old for her age, too tightly wound. I recognize a lot of myself in her; always fighting to be both too mature for my age and at the same time too young. 

I’ve never quite felt connected to all my peers; I know Andrew to be the same. We managed to connect over the same few discrepancies which didn’t fit into place with everyone else, bonding over how out-of-place we felt. The feeling didn’t go away even as an adult; I felt while everyone else was an adult, I was disguised. Imposter syndrome was not new to me.

I suspect that she is on the same path; I’m trying to stop it ahead of time.


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