storm warning (150)

if you watch carefully, all the signs of the impending storm are there – you just have to be around, watching to see them form. first, clear turns to gray – midnight navy melts into deep dark black, immeasurable. second, the gray darkens: pale gray on the first day becomes charcoal by the third. it’s all the same, always painted in place with the steadiest of steady hands.

third, you hear the rumble in the distance; a combination of countless quiet noises, so low-level you wouldn’t notice them until they creep up on you. listen carefully: it’s the confusion of music and distraction and everything you’d ever want to hear. (want, not need; make note of that distinction). it’s a special sound effect just for you, and it’s not something you’ll hear again.

four: the storm moves in, too fast to track. too unpredictable to control; that was your first mistake. 

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