it was years ago that your shadow began to follow me, slow at first and then chasing me with a greater velocity as time moved along. you needed my attention, thrived on devotion and trembled under dismissal. (tried to create weakness; remember you’re not the villain of this story)

and then you wilted, shadow attached to shadow and began to shrink under harsh eyes, a cold voice ringing in your ears. i know this, because it’s what i saw and heard too. you’re not the only one, you know; you never were the most special. never were my favourite.

so i kept running on, running into the night; surrounded by shadow, i watched you follow me into the dark and dissolve. heard your voice echo, become muffled and drowned out by all that dwarfed you. (pitiful, seeing you shrink away as i watched –

shrinking, dwindling into



8 thoughts on “consumption”

  1. interesting. First reading this, I thought the writer was talking about someone else but then I wondered if the shadow was part of the writer. ( I feel silly speaking of the writer but I learned somewhere that was how I should comment on a piece)


    1. Thanks! It’s up to you how you want to interpret the shadow; I had a semi-solid idea in my mind when I was writing. (Also, I was probably quite sleepy at the time)
      I think speaking of the writer/narrator is always good as well. Makes it feel a bit more personal 🙂

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