Housekeeping, At Your Door

Well, your blog’s door anyway.

This is not a Stellar and Lunar post; I’ve decided to rest the prompts, as they don’t seem to be inspiring people to stargaze and bring back creative writing. Maybe I’m not adhering as closely to the theme itself; maybe the topic overall isn’t reaching people, or the topic’s just not that popular. I don’t know.

Therefore, I’m culling Stellar and Lunar; I won’t wipe it from the blog entirely, but I will remove the page from the pages menu. In its place will be a new challenge, one I hope will reach people and inspire more. (I merely have to submit it; once approved, I’ll create a new page for it.)

If there’s anyone who wants to use the old prompts for ideas, and link back, cool. Otherwise, the event will quietly fade away into the archives.

Keep an eye out for the new event, if it goes through OK.


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