Changes in Routine

Well… it’s a week into March. I’m beginning to find several things out about all the shenanigans I have planned.

One, I apparently need to hyper-plan my day because otherwise I get lost down the internets rabbit-hole and then I get not a lot done. Two, I’m at my most inspired when I’m at work. Surrounded by people. Stimulus. Stimulus and stimuli… no, stimulized. Shoot. That word doesn’t look right.

Three, I apparently need to carry all the paper with me, because as the day progressed I found little nuggets of ideas popping into my head. My notebooks all have the same pattern of covered with scribbley post-it notes, plastered to the inside covers and layered over each other.

Four… I’m sure there was going to be a fourth point. I figured out a while ago whilst introverting that I’m my own biggest challenger. It’s like approaching a wall that steadily increases in height, which means I’m going to have to become a roving poet-person. On the other side of the wall, a figure is there, clutching pen and a notepad. Write, she beckons, before all the ideas are dried up. 

She, obviously, represents me. 

(Argh. I’m listening to my iPod, and keep going to the volume controls on my computer.)

Oh yeah! I think I’m going to be changing around Stellar and Lunar, or the format thereof; I’ve been putting up weekly prompts and not seeing any takers, which is a shame. I’m very fond of it, and reluctant to kill it. Also, I intend to change up my blog’s schedule a bit. At the moment I post late evening, but I’m going to begin working on moving posts forward a few hours. Make them earlier afternoon. Lunch breaks are good for this, I suspect.

I think the cold got into my bones today; winter is on its way. I need a poet hat, and quick.


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