Idea Monkeys, Hard At Work

This was going to be a Faux Landlords. I blame the headache; I’ve had a monster headache today. I’m rather wrecking my blog schedule lately, but I did withdraw my most recent NaNoWriMo effort to begin work on it. Cleanup, new scenery, that kind of thing. I’m still indecisive as to what I should call the main character, and I’m basically inventing a little town from thin air, but that’s of no consequence.

Also, my mind has been so scrambled (not headache-related). There was a Twitter conversation last night and I made note of ideas, and didn’t make note of ideas. I forgot if I did or didn’t write things down, and I forgot if there was something else I forgot.

I don’t know. It’s like having a monkey at a typewriter, bashing at the keys and giving me all the resultant paper.

(I think there’s going to be one hell of a writing day in my near future)


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