Wildcard Friday

This was originally going to be titled “Flash Fiction; or, the Burning Need for a Time Machine”.

It’s Friday and I’ve spent time today discussing poet hats on Twitter, sleeping late because my team leader declared today a day off, and plotting how to wipe out my student debt faster. I’ve also uncovered yet more ideas in my journals and been cunning about how to symbiote Item A with Items B, C and D.

With all this in mind, I’ve not really given much thought to what I was going to blog today. I stared at the knitting I’m working on; I’ve begun the new pattern-stitch thing, where you knit one stitch and then purl the next one. Apparently, this creates a pattern called “ribbed”. I’ve done about four rows like this, and I can certainly see evidence of a riblike pattern taking shape. That’s not to say I’ve been perfect so far with it; I sometimes think I’m mixing up the two methods.

It’s also a bit clumsy for me right now because I’m still not used to knitting on circular needles.

I’ve also begun to drag out you-know-what again and get back to work on it. Three months is long enough for breathing space; I’m given to understand that some people don’t even wait all that long on it. Just finish up and leap back in a few days later.

Okay, this is a miniature freewrite because if I keep writing all my thoughts will coagulate on my keyboard and I won’t get anything else done ever.

Tomorrow, I expect to update the Faux Landlords’ shenanigans.


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