Stellar and Lunar: 3 March

March. Yes. It’s March, I still don’t know how this happened but I think I’m about over the mini time-crisis. One of them, anyway. This is coming to you later than I anticipated writing it, but I spent ages learning how to do a fancy new (to me) way of knitting. Basically, you combine two different ways of doing the stitches in one row. You do stitch A this way, and chase it with stitch B, done in that method.

So I’m another… hm… four rows? Five rows? into the hat I’m working on. The general idea is a beanie-type of thing. Makes me feel like I’m learning a new thing, which is cool.

Okay. I have racked my brains for abstract concepts that could possibly be linked to the theme topic, and failed. I will confess here now, I’m not terribly well versed in astronomy. How about we learn it together?

I went off and made some tea, and came back with the idea: Google. Google knows things.

I also decided to break the streak a little bit. This week, I’m lifting the fiction/poetry/prose labels; if you want to do this in a non-fictional way, that’s cool too.

So, your new prompt for the week (3 – 10 March) is constellations. Do you have a favourite constellation? Is there a myth or special story behind it?


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