sworn to secrecy (240)

she appears whenever i walk into a room. there’s certain criteria of course; the main one is that there needs to be a mirror. it doesn’t matter if there isn’t a mirror though, a compact will do just fine, (i shattered every compact i had when i found this out) and i’ve since learned she isn’t fussy about how she operates. appearing quickly, silently is no longer her habit. she likes drama, careful entrances timed to mimic every last detail that isn’t me.

i roam hallways and rooms with no mirror, just for payback. it’s useless, because as she got stronger she was able to show her (my – our) face in windows when the lights hit just right. she’s not discriminating either. any window, any room will do. she used to keep meetings just between us, but now she materializes, torments me silently. no-one else can see her, so if they heard this they’d think me mad: visited through the mirror by the secret doppelganger i’ve never met.

we inhabit this manor together, her and i; few visit, so there was no need for secret vows or pacts, no threat or sharp sudden damage – just the one time i hid the mirror under a coat. i learned that lesson after the coat caught fire and the glass shattered. this pact of secrecy i have is only with myself; none would believe me.

she is the ghost who inhabits my mirror.


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