Inner Monologue

I’m uninspired this weekend, so you’re getting a second daily prompt and I’m getting tea. I try to avoid this, using daily prompts in place of creatives, but sometimes… I don’t know. Maybe I’m spending a lot of energy on the hat. So far I have knit seven rows and it doesn’t look too lumpy, but it does look like I get confused about which stitch to use.


A good discussion, in my mind, isn’t technically a form of discussion. It’s me listening to my own inner chatter, of which there is a lot. I like to make the comparison of my brain to a hamster wheel; just goes around and around and around some more. Just pretend I wrote “and around” another half-dozen times, you get the picture.

I do my best analytics or creative turns of phrase when I’m in my own mind. It’s because in my own mind, there’s no-one waiting to hear my words or listening to me get tongue-tied. (Happens a lot especially when I get eager about sharing something. Dead annoying)

This isn’t to say I talk to myself, per se. It’s more like I dig through my mind, find something to fix on and then drill it down. Treat it like two people talking about an idea. I do this a lot, it’s very soothing and I find that mentally I’m quite an engaging sort of person. There’s been many a bus trip eased with little mental conversations.

In my own mind, I’m an excellently fluent sort of conversationalist, one who creates awesomeness with ease. In person… well, I’m still working on that.


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