Out of Pace

Okay, you guys. Daily Prompt time; I spent a bit too long knitting, (have begun a hat!) though in all fairness I was getting to grips with some fancy new stitchy-technique thing. I learned a new thing today.

I don’t dare interfere with time, be it slowing things down or speeding them up. Knowing my luck I’d time-warp the wrong thing, blitz through a good book or something and then awaken from a book-daze none the wiser. Honestly, I think I’d rather keep things as they are: drag on through long boring bus journeys, speed through reading a book.

The way I see it, dragging a bus journey out helps you practice patience. It’s totally out of your control, if your main mean of transport is a bus and it takes 25 minutes to slink through one suburb when normally it takes 10… it forces you to be patient. Calm.

And losing track of time when reading makes it that much better, because reading is an awesome thing. It’s a certain type of magic, I think, to know a book is so good that you suddenly get Chapter Deficiency Habit. I don’t know why you’d want to slow book-reading time down; it’d make it feel like a chore, for me. Also, by reading in real-time, you get to go back when the book is done and do it all over again.


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