Stellar and Lunar: 25 February

Look at that date. Just take a moment and.. how is it already edging towards February’s end? Didn’t we just begin the year the other day?

I’ve been having a pretty good week, am securely installed back in my first workplace. I thought I’d kind of just quietly reappear… nope. Warm and fuzzies from the first two days, people I remember from my first contract all over the place, and, it happens, they remember me too. It’s really lovely.

Tonight I’m working on one of my many side-projects; that knit-rectangle-hat thing I mentioned the other time. I’m working on knitting a really big rectangle, but am unsure how to go about sewing it so it doesn’t get sticky-out corner edges. (Hey, to all the knitters out there, do you sew it to make a tube-thing, lengthwise, or fold in half and sew each edge to make like a squarey thing?)


Your prompt for the week (25 February – 3 March) is sky-high.

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