watch as i move into your environment, coax life out of all the elements that are in place, note the patina of confidence that hovers, reflecting in your face and dulling your eyes. i am not by nature a deceitful creature, but supernaturally i am something which creates a mask, wears it so well you can’t tell it from my real face.

see me play, toy with people and items as though they are my own, and remain undoubting when you can’t see properly what it is i’m doing. instead, watch again as i throw this environment, tossing it away from your control and catching it again into my own hands. see, it’s my environment now – do you see?

do you?

(and close your eyes now, don’t watch as i waver, ankles wobbling like a beginner ballerina; don’t hear me reveal the secret:

this is not my environment after all.)

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