Wildcard Monday #28

Okay so tomorrow I start at my new-old job and didn’t get it together to organise a proper blog post. Also, I surely have not done 28 of these freewrites on Mondays already, that is just my chaotic nature at work. See, what I like to do when labeling my ideas on my phone’s Memo-Pad thingy, is ascribe to it a random number. It might be 5, it might be 349863.

This comes about by rapidly stabbing at numbers. This  came about after I got convinced that the little BlackBerry was stealing ideas. I don’t think it was, I’ve since been deconvinced but paranoia remains, especially since this evening when I typed a second novel idea.

Oops… yeah. There’s this one time I wrote an idea for a novel on my phone, then forgot about it. I rediscovered it whilst on a slow-moving bus. I’m still looking for a time machine, though I’m not fussy; I hear a Time-Turner will do. Probably, anyway.

So then today I added a second idea… maybe not the brightest thing ever but it also had to be done because if I forget things it’s like a drill going. Persistently annoying, annoyingly persistent and you would like it to shut the purple frilly hell up. (Incidentally I have neighbours who like using power drills at points in the daylight, but I am soothed by the fact that days are getting shorter)

Huh… three minutes left. I just remember why I divert my attention away from this: if I didn’t, just writing for ten minutes, you would be wading through an essay-length post and potentially punishing me with tl;dr. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered that in my own writing, so maybe I’m doing something right. Or maybe you guys are just polite like that.

Okay, back to the regularly semi-scheduled mischief tomorrow. You get creative writings tomorrow, promise.


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